My new novel

I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my new novel, The Sound Of Many Waters. I truly appreciate your support as I work to bring the book to the world.

Enjoy this additional information:

About The Sound of Many Waters

Historical background of the novel

Readers: Win a Spanish treasure coin!

Stay tuned here at for the latest information about my novel’s release.

In the meantime, if you have not yet gotten your copy of my novel, it is currently available at Amazon.

Thank you!

Sean Bloomfield



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  1. My father was friends w/ your late grandfather Pat, and I remember meeting you when we were both kids back in the eighties. I have a copy of your novel, read the first two chapters and look forward to the remainder. It’s interesting reading someone who you roundabout know because you piece together bits of secondhand personal info with firsthand writing and the “puzzle” unveils itself. It’s also refreshing to see someone pursuing their interests in a raw straightforward fashion like you so obviously are. Our paths have lightly crossed once again. Best wishes & happy living! Sincerely, Ken Gozdeck

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