The Sound of Many Waters

The Sound of Many Waters is the new novel by Sean Bloomfield.




Dominic, a ruthless New World conquistador, is the proud captain of a gold-filled galleon on its way back to Spain. But when a hurricane sinks his ship off the coast of La Florida and the native Timucuans take him captive, Dominic must fight for his life in an unfamiliar world.

In the present day, Zane Fisher—a recovering addict— cannot seem to escape the shadow of his checkered past. When a peculiar client charters his boat for what seems like a routine fishing trip off the coast of Palm Beach, Zane is thrust into a life-and-death struggle that forces him to flee into Florida’s dark underbelly.

Despite the four centuries that divide them, Dominic and Zane each discover the same extraordinary secret—one kept hidden in the wilds of Florida for eons—and their stories converge in an incredible way.

Part historical epic and part modern-day adventure, The Sound of Many Waters follows two interwoven journeys separated by nearly 400-hundred years.



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