sean_bloomfieldSean Bloomfield is a third-generation Floridian and former fishing guide. In 2001, he graduated from The University of Tampa with a Writing and Communication degree. Since then, Sean has worked as a writer and documentary filmmaker.

He has traveled all over the world, to places as far away as Vanuatu, Fiji, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia and Rwanda, and he has spent time living in New Zealand and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He now lives in Florida with his wife and children.

Sean’s debut novel, The Sound of Many Waters, is a unique combination of historical fiction and contemporary literature. Set in Sean’s home state of Florida, the novel tells the stories of two men separated by four centuries who discover the same incredible secret.

Sean’s documentary films are geared toward capturing modern-day miracles, such as those at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he often goes. This subject is thoroughly explored in the film he most recently directed, The Triumph, currently being shown in theaters around the world.

His other recent documentary, If Only We Had Listened, which he produced with bestselling author Immaculee Ilibagiza, is about similar happenings that took place in Rwanda. He has made seven other documentary films including Miracles of Medjugorje, The Fruits of Mary and Miracles of Ireland.


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    [...] recently got the chance to see Sean Bloomfield’s newest film, The Triumph. The film was playing at an AMC theater, in a suburb outside of Chicago, [...]
  2. ReplyMirko Radonich
    Wher can I buy a Film : The Triumpf from Sean Bloomfield ? Thanks for the fast answer! Sincerely, Mirko Radonich !
  3. ReplyNatalie
    Hi Sean, We saw The Triumph yesterday morning in Prine Edward Island, Canada and it is an amazing piece of work. It touched all of us- a group that ranged in age from 30 to 80. I applaud you and your team for making such a balanced, realistic, high quality and entertaining documentary. I am encouraging all I know to go see it. Sometimes films with a religious theme are low quality and preachy but this film was nothing like that. It is relatable and beautifully shot. You follow a regular (albeit entertaining) guy, Ben, and document his experience as he makes his way through Medjugorje. He is like many of us and an incredible choice for the role as he says what he thinks regardless of whether it is proper or not. Oftentimes it is what the audience is thinking. The crowd scenes and the beauty of the landscape make you feel like you are there. Also, when you put the apparitions in the context of world events, it is so effective. What an excellent film. Congratulations. I hope you continue to make many more!
  4. Replyrennie quinn
    I saw the Triumph yesterday in Deltona . It is oe of the most moving film's I have ever watched, brought me to tears several times. I was so moved by Ben and his total honesty the way in which you did the film , it truly was one of the best stories very told . I have started your book and on chapter 5 already , it has sent chills down my spine several times already . God has blessed you with many talents and it is so wonderful to see them being used to help so many . Thank you God Bless you and your wonderful family .

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