The Cast of Cross Mountain

After watching all the entries multiple times and discussing them with our crew and committee, we’ve finally made a decision.

It wasn’t easy! Almost every entry was compelling, but ultimately we had to choose the group based on our gut instinct after much thought and prayer.

So, we chose seven young people to come on the trip to Medjugorje and be part of our second upcoming film, Cross Mountain. See them here:


We really need your help to fully fund Cross Mountain, but we want to give you something in return. Please visit our Flower Fund crowdfunding campaign and check out all the PERKS you can get by supporting us.


Also, join the cast and crew of Cross Mountain on a unique pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Fest in August! You’ll be part of the film and get to experience Medjugorje in a truly unique way. Learn more.