Apparition Hill now in theaters

A year ago, I held a video contest and chose 7 people to investigate Medjugorje. My team and I filmed their experience, and the resulting documentary is now being released in theaters as Apparition Hill.

The group encountered some amazing things during their journey, many of which I believe were miracles… but that’s up to each viewer to decide.

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Here’s a press release about the screenings of the film:

Filmmakers Tour in Support of Apparition Hill

Documentary filmmaker Sean Bloomfield (If Only We Had Listened, The Triumph) and the Stella Mar Films crew have wrapped filming and finalized the details on an aggressive 16-city tour scheduled to launch Apparition Hill, the groundbreaking new documentary due out this May.12961248_1179239928752982_3215961688233830817_o

Members of the cast and crew will tour and present the film to audiences just outside of Orlando, FL, Pittsburgh, PA, New York, and Boston, MA before heading to the mid-West, beginning May 10th and continuing through May 27th, 2016.

“We didn’t set out to create a film about life and death,” says Mr. Bloomfield. “But when you draw seven people from different backgrounds together, you can’t help but explore what’s truly on people’s hearts. This project turned into a fascinating experience that shows just how much we all have in common. Despite what seem like major differences, these unlikely pilgrims have a shared story that needs to be told.”

The documentary is the fruit of a groundbreaking concept utilizing a video contest and crowd-funding campaign to send 5 individuals to Medjugorje, a little-known village nestled in between two mountains along the border of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia to film their experiences. The contest and campaign surpassed expectations and the “pilgrimage” added two additional travelers. Medjugorje has been a hotbed of controversy as millions visit the town each year to see for themselves whether the legend is true: that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has appeared to a select group of natives with regularity for the last 35 years.

11015841_1690001917902236_4012529088223558337_o“The Blessed Mother has shown herself in Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Kibeho and elsewhere,” notes fellow producer Cimela Kidonakis. “Why not Medjugorje? Whether or not it’s true, it still makes for a thoughtprovoking film when real people, who don’t necessarily believe in God or Mary, witness phenomena that none of us understands—the conversations and revelations paint a picture of humanity that is really hopeful.”

As with 2013’s The Triumph, Bloomfield is careful to present the ideas of Medjugorje in a manner that respects the Catholic Church’s authority in its opinion of the validity of these alleged apparitions. Because the Church does not determine whether apparitions are true or false until after they have ceased, there can be no ruling on what is currently happening in Medjugorje. Both The Triumph and Apparition Hill make no claims on the veracity of the alleged apparitions but allow viewers a clear, in-depth understanding of some interesting facts.

“I think audiences will be very surprised and moved by this film,” says Bloomfield. “We took a group consisting of two atheists, a young mother with stage four cancer, a Catholic convert unsure about Mary, a father of nine who lost his wife, a man with ALS, and a drug addict. In a way, the films offers something for everyone.”



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The Cast of Cross Mountain

After watching all the entries multiple times and discussing them with our crew and committee, we’ve finally made a decision.

It wasn’t easy! Almost every entry was compelling, but ultimately we had to choose the group based on our gut instinct after much thought and prayer.

So, we chose seven young people to come on the trip to Medjugorje and be part of our second upcoming film, Cross Mountain. See them here:


We really need your help to fully fund Cross Mountain, but we want to give you something in return. Please visit our Flower Fund crowdfunding campaign and check out all the PERKS you can get by supporting us.


Also, join the cast and crew of Cross Mountain on a unique pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Fest in August! You’ll be part of the film and get to experience Medjugorje in a truly unique way. Learn more.